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1 January 2016

Catholic Funerals

Catholic Funerals


Families of parishioners who have died should make contact with an undertaker of their choice and notify the Parish Priest. The undertaker will then liaise with the Parish and the cemetery/crematorium to arrange dates and times for the funeral.

The normal form for a Catholic funeral is a Requiem Mass. If this would not be appropriate, Catholic funeral services can also be celebrated.


Funerals in the Parish take place at 12.00noon. Livestreaming via Parish Facebook is only available upon request at St. Mary's, Arisaig and St. Cumin's Morar using the link

Funeral Directors would need to make their own arrangements in other Churches.


The body of the deceased may be received into the church the evening before. This is a short service, usually attended only by close family.


Readings at Catholic funerals are taken from the Bible: a first reading, a Responsorial Psalm, and a Gospel (usually chosen by the priest). Click here to see the various options.

The readings may be read by family and friends of the deceased. Please let us know if you would prefer one of the parishioners to do the readings.

The person who proclaims the first reading generally reads the psalm as well, unless this is sung or another reader is requested. The Reader also reads the Gospel Acclamation, unless this is sung.


If the family wish, a Eulogy may be read by a member of the family or close friend. This is not to exceed 5-min so as to not diminish the importance of the Eucharist. The place for the Eulogy is at the end of the Mass, after Holy Communion and before the Final Commendation. Copy of the Eulogy must be made available to the Parish Priest for approval at the latest the day before the Funeral. There is also an option to ask the Priest to incorporate a brief eulogy as part of the welcome, before the Eucharist begins.


The undertakers will have to advise you on the availability of the Organist as the Parish does not have one. In case there is no availability, hymns will be sung by the congregation alone. 

There are normally four hymns at a Requiem Mass: an entrance hymn, an offertory hymn, a Communion hymn and a recessional hymn. Final Commendation is usually sung and should also be included in the order of service.

We ask that you choose only religious music for the funeral liturgy. Please note that we do not have a PLL License and therefore cannot play any recorded music.

Piper is allowed to play the Pipes outside the Church as is normally the custom. There is time and place for everything, unfortunately, the church is not the place for non-religious music during Liturgies.


The family may also wish to have the psalm sung but it is by no means a necessity. This does not need to be the psalm of the day but it does need to be a psalm and not a hymn.


Two, three or four people can bring forward the gifts in the offertory procession. Please let the Celebrant know how many people you would like in the procession. As a result of Covid, this practice has been suspended until further notice.


Anyone who is not a Catholic or who is unable to receive Holy Communion, is welcome to come forward and receive a blessing from the priest. Please indicate that you would like to receive a blessing by crossing your arms over your chest.


Flowers can be arranged with a florist chosen by the family of the deceased. These can be placed on the coffin or arranged on the sanctuary, as desired.


There is no charge to receive the Sacraments of the Church.

There is a customary donation to the Priest or Deacon who celebrates the funeral and forms part of his fee/stipend. This should be handled by the undertakers and will form part of disbursements, if Funeral Plan is in place.

Retiring Collections are always optional and the family should never be put under pressure to hold one if they do not wish to do so. However, if they decide to have one in Memory of their Loved Ones, as per Parish Council’s decision, it is to be shared between the Parish (50%) and designated cause(s)/charity(s). With our congregation numbers dwindling, it is getting more and more difficult to upkeep our church buildings. These funds are essential and cover our insurance, electricity and heating. As the Church is a Registered Charity, we want to make sure that everything is done according to the guidelines set by the Charity Regulator. Therefore, any Collection taken up will be counted by the Members of the Parish Finance Committee and distributed by the Parish. A letter of acknowledgment will be sent as well as the total money raised to the families and donation receipts from designated charities.

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